Expert Secrets From the Top 1% of OnlyFans Models: How to Become a Top Earner

To become a top earner on OnlyFans, you will need much more than a smartphone and a smile. You’ll need a mix of strategies for growing and monetizing your audience. FanFox is here to help. That’s why we’ve decided to gather all the information to help you make the most of your OnlyFans modeling experience and show you how to use all the opportunities the OnlyFans universe has to offer.

How OnlyFans Works

On OnlyFans, you can run a free account with PPV content, paid DMs, custom content, and more. You can also earn money by charging a subscription fee to your fans every month.

Paid Account or Free Subscriptions?

There are pros and cons of having a free account and a paid account. See the graphic below to help you determine which will work better for your goals.

The important thing to note is that if you start off with a free account and choose to set a subscription price later, you may cause some of your fans to churn. In other words, if you start by offering a free subscription to your fans but then charge them, some of them are going to cancel. This means you will have to do some extra outreach to get them to stay, or pivot your marketing efforts to customers who are excited to pay for your premium content.

Should I have a free OnlyFans account or charge a subscription price?

Both approaches have merit, and once you are established you can even have both. Check out the graphic to understand the pros and cons of having a free OnlyFans account and a subscription-based account that users pay for monthly.

Getting Established on OnlyFans: What to do After You Claim Your Username & Verify Your Identity

Switching from a free OnlyFans account to a paid account:

When transitioning from a free to a paid account, creators often experience a significant drop in follower count. This is because many free subscribers are not willing to pay for content. However, the remaining subscribers are typically more engaged and willing to spend money on your content. To make this transition successful:

1. Build a solid content base before switching.

2. Communicate the change to your audience in advance.

3. Offer special deals or discounts to incentivize free subscribers to join your paid account.

4. Continue to use your free account to promote your paid account.

Switching from a paid to a free account:

This transition is less common but can be useful if you're struggling to maintain subscribers on a paid account. When switching to a free account:

1. Focus on creating a strong marketing strategy to monetize through pay-per-view (PPV) content, DMs, custom content, and tips.

2. Use the larger audience of a free account to identify potential high-paying customers.

3. Run promotional campaigns and offer free trials to re-engage former paid subscribers.

Hybrid: Why not both?

Plenty of models run both a free page and a paid account. This approach offers the reach of a free account plus the income of a paid subscription. You can of course still sell custom content, PPV, DMs that must be tipped to unlock, and anything else on a free page. The free page is there to help you with reach.

Identify Your Niche & Persona

Now that you’ve done the boring admin work of claiming your username, getting verified, and setting up your payout method, you’re ready to start the fun part: Branding yourself! When we mean “branding,” we aren’t talking logos. Instead, think about the vibe, look, feel, and type of interaction fans will get with you.

Types of OnlyFans Niches

Fortunately, some of your niching homework will be done for you. Your body type plays a big part in the niche you select. For example, if you’re young and short in stature with small boobs and a petite build overall, you’d thrive in the Teen niche (note: “teen” only refers to a body type, not an actual age). If you feel sexy and confident dressed as your favorite video game or anime character, egirl or cosplay would be fun for you.


Everyone has a type. On OnlyFans, it’s common for fans to want to find a model who looks like other adult stars or celebrities they’re attracted to. You can lean into your ethnicity, or the ethnicity you most resemble. Models of all ethnicities from around the world will find an audience on OnlyFans.

Body Type

When it comes to building your OnlyFans account, it’s important to represent your body as accurately as possible. Don’t worry - there is a market for absolutely every body on OnlyFans, and your fans crave authenticity. They want to see your actual body in all its glory.

Popular Content Types on OnlyFans

  • Lewd: Partially nude or in lingerie
  • Nude: All in your birthday suit
  • Cosplay: Can be nude or clothed, incorporating fantasy elements from gaming & SciFi
  • Couples: With a primary partner, like a real couple, or collaborating with one other person
  • Group: Sex acts involving 3 or more people
  • Faceless: Anonymous, either showing body only or focusing on a particular part of the body like feet

Restricted Content on OnlyFans

OnlyFans is committed to safety and as such, certain sex acts or even words are not allowed on the platform. Check out this list of banned words before you start planning your content. At a high level, you should know that the following are broadly not tolerated.

  • Acts involving animals (e.g., beastiality)
  • BDSM / hardcore kink (e.g., canes and whips)
  • Drinking & drugs
  • Explicit sex work (e.g., meeting up with a fan for a paid encounter)
  • Non-consensual acts
  • Competitor platforms
  • Payments off-platform (e.g., PayPal)
  • Physical harm (e.g., restricted breathing)
  • Age play (e.g., diapers, teen, underage)

If you get stuck on how to word a message or post, use an editing app or ChatGPT to help you. A common mistake is sending an introductory DM to new fans including “Nice to meet you!” or similar language. 

Equipment You’ll Need to Create Content on OnlyFans

While you’re getting started creating content for your OnlyFans, you need to keep aesthetics top of mind, but don’t overthink your equipment too much. A newer smartphone with a good camera that can shoot HD video will work.

However, it’s lighting that you really need to pay attention to. Natural light is always best, but when the sun goes down, you'll need to rely on artificial lighting in your space. If your current setup isn't quite cutting it, you might want to consider investing in a 3-point lighting system. It's a tried-and-true method that forms the foundation of professional video lighting.

Here's the breakdown: you've got three lights, each with a specific role. First up is the key light - it's the primary player. Position it to one side of your camera, creating a nice balance of light and shadow on your face. Make sure you're centered in the illuminated area for the best effect.

Next, we have the fill light. It's less intense than the key light but still crucial. Place this one opposite the key light. Its job is to soften those shadows and create a more balanced look.

Finally, there's the backlight. This one goes behind you, believe it or not. It might seem counterintuitive, but it helps separate you from the background, adding depth to the shot.

Now, I understand that not everyone has the space or budget for a full lighting setup. If you can only manage one light source, that's okay! Just position it behind or above your camera. It'll still make a significant difference in the quality of your video.

Remember, good lighting can dramatically enhance your on-camera presence. Don't be afraid to experiment and find what works best for your unique setup and style. You can also try sunset lights and LED strips to refine your overall aesthetic. Colorful lights in a moody space work especially well if you are an egirl, cosplayer, or gamer girl.

If you are interested in streaming, either as a cam model or to run livestreams from OnlyFans, you can do so from your phone or purchase an HD webcam. But if you choose to stream from your phone, invest in a good tripod. You can either get a standalone tripod or one with wrappable arms, depending on where you intend to stream and the furniture in the space. 

Sound quality matters for your videos and streams. You may be able to find a good lavalier mic on TikTok shop or Amazon. But if you’re not in a position to invest in equipment just yet, prioritize the light, then the upgraded camera or webcam, and the mic last of all. You can take hot photos and video without sound, but lighting is a must. 

How to Become Unforgettable Interactions With Fans

No matter what kind of content you post or type of aesthetic you create, your subscribers are seeking you out on OnlyFans for interpersonal connection. Often, they aren’t getting enough of it from their spouse, friendships, co-workers, etc. The reason they’re on OnlyFans instead of visiting a tube or porn site is so they can feel like they’re a part of your day, and you’re part of theirs. 

Get to know your fans a bit. Schedule DMs that ask them how their day is going, or share a little about yourself and your interests. 

Post Consistently, Then Be Spontaneous

Your fans won’t stick around if you give them three posts one week and no posts for the next two. Fortunately, OnlyFans has a built-in content calendar so that you can schedule out posts, DMs, and livestreams in advance. Best of all, your content is stored in your vault so that you can access it later. This is a good tool to use because as you gain new subscribers, you’ll want to put fresh content in front of them - and they won’t have seen all of your old content. 

Once you have been posting consistently for a few months, you can start being a little more spontaneous. For example, you could schedule a full-length video, then promote it with spontaneous content. Try sending a teaser video out to your audience in their DMs, like a short vlog talking about what you loved about creating the content, working with your collaborator(s), and how excited you are to share it with your fans. 

How OnlyFans Features Help You Make More Money

OnlyFans Features You Must Master


When you post content to your feed, it’s saved in your vault so you can access it and share it again easily later. Think of each photo, video, and audio as an asset you can share over and over as you attract new subscribers. 


Set up an introductory DM for new subscribers. That way they’re greeted by you instantly and you stay top of mind. Here are some expert tips for making your intro DM stand out:

1. Personalize your greeting: Use the subscriber's name if possible.

2. Express gratitude: Thank them sincerely for subscribing to your content.

3. Set expectations: Briefly outline what kind of content they can expect from you and how often you post.

4. Offer a welcome gift: Consider providing a free exclusive photo or short video clip as a thank you.

5. Highlight your premium offerings: Mention any special content, custom videos, or other services you offer.

6. Include a call-to-action: Encourage them to check out your pinned posts or featured content.

7. Be friendly and approachable: Use a warm, conversational tone to make them feel comfortable.

8. Tease upcoming content: Mention any exciting posts or events you have planned to build anticipation.

9. Invite interaction: Encourage them to message you with any requests or questions. Ask them a question about themselves. Remember, people come to OnlyFans for that personal touch they can’t get from porn sites.

10. Make a limited-time offer: Provide a special discount on custom content or a bundle deal for new subscribers.

Free Previews

Tease your PPV content with a free preview. This can be a snippet of the content itself, or you can make a quick vlog style video talking about the video. Authenticity is key on OnlyFans, so if you make a promotional teaser, get candid with your audience about why you’re excited about the video and what you loved about making it. 

Tip Menu

While not a native feature, you can create a tip menu that shows your fans what you will do for tips of a certain monetary value. Here are some popular menu items and an idea of what you can charge for each:

  • Dick ratings, available as text, audio, or video depending on the tip value. $10 for text, $15 for audio, $20 for video
  • Custom videos: $5 per minute
  • Sexting sessions: $1 per minute
  • Video calls: $3 per minute

Think about the things you like to do when you’re authentically flirting with someone. These can become your tip menu items.

Spinners & Games

Many popular models offer games or spinners. Not a literal spinner, but if a customer tips a certain amount they get a set number of “spins” on a Wheel of Fortune style game for prizes they would otherwise pay for

  • Video bundles
  • Photo bundles
  • Free sexting session
  • Custom audio

Once you have enough content to leverage spinners and giveaways, be sure to declare how much each prize is worth. For example, if you have a bundle of 10 videos that sell for $30 each, make sure you note that the prize is worth $300. 

Attracting new fans on social media

Twitter, Reddit, and Tumblr allow erotic content. On vanilla social networks like Instagram and TikTok, you’ll constantly be working to avoid detection. Claim your handles on Instagram and TikTok so fans can find you and to build brand consistency, but know you’ll have to create a vanilla presence to stay on the platform.